Recently, farm museum Oldebroek opened their exposition ‘Rien Poortvliet and Farm Life’. The exposition offers visitors a realistic look into life on the farm, as it was in the olden days. What better way to do so, than by using Rien Poortvliet’s famous drawings? Like no other, he knew how to illustrate what life and working on the farm was like.
Aside from this beautiful exposition, the museum itself is quite the experience. Not that long ago, a family with children lived on the beautiful farm, that dates back to 1753. Their things remain untouched in the charming room with it’s antique tiles; it’s like they just left.
Pictures of the grandparents are still on the wall. The bedstee (a 19th-century Dutch closet-bed) is freshly made.
Visitors can see just what a day in the life of this farm family was like. The small basement still has the jars of fruits and vegetables from the garden. Outside, the field barn still holds the tools used by the farmer to work on the field. Children now play in the hay stack, and the farm wagons in the yard still get used sometimes.
All in all, it’s a treat to visit!
More information on the museum can be found here.
Rien Poortvliet’s drawings can be seen here until 2020.