Project Description

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Rien Poortvliet considered himself a drawing storyteller. His drawings told the story, supplemented by a short caption at the most. Poortvliet’s entire oeuvre is impressive, to say the least; from farm life and hunting, to the workings of the gnome. He captured everything with his realistic drawings and paintings, expressing his love for nature.

Rien Poortvliet’s talent for drawing manifested itself early on and he quickly established himself as an independent illustrator. He has become known to the general public with books like: He was one of us, In my grandfather’s house, Dogs, Horses, and Secrets of the Gnomes. All of his books have been well-received and translated into many languages,  acquiring him both national and international fame.

In 2016 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Gnomes. Check the special 40th anniversary website for more information. And follow the Gnomes on Facebook.

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All Gnome products are available through the Rien Poortvliet webshop.