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Janneke Brinkman is one of the best-known illustrators of the Netherlands. She has been illustrating calendars, day planners and stationery for over twenty years. Aside from these paper products, her flower watercolor paintings can be found on tableware, bath towels, bed linen, jigsaw puzzles, stamps and numerous other articles. Janneke is also known for her column in MARGRIET, one of the best-read magazines of the Netherlands.

Originally, Janneke is a biologist. She knows how to combine her knowledge of plants and flowers with her delicate sense of color and composition.

Janneke’s love for nature is clearly expressed in her watercolors, or, as she says: “The bright, brilliant colors of watercolor paint lend themselves perfectly to show the fresh, delicate and transparent nature of flowers. I hope I can inspire you to enjoy what is really worthwhile and what manifests itself in the vulnerability of the flowers and plants around us.”

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